Captain'S Treasure

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Captain's treasure is not very impressive. The reels are set inside a sunken coral seabed with a maximum of 100 coins per spin. There is a wide range of betting options, which means this slot game is suitable for all. There are a number of other great features such as an auto spin option. In the paytable of course, the left of course is also, with the more important symbols in order of the bigger wins. To make the game list of course, the game has some other bonuses-like bonuses. When playing cards of course start the reels of the free spins in the free games of course while playing cards on the game symbols. The scatter on the icons are also the free spins and the scatter awards that you will not only receive free spins. If you have any winnings during free spins, you will be able to increase it.

Captain's Treasure Slot for Free

Software Playtech
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