Dragon'S Pearl

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Dragon's pearl, a video slot game from isoftbet that got inspired by the original legend. This retro game is set in ancient greece, and as a surprise, you can expect to win a decent amount of cash for the lucky players. Do not let the basic payouts hit the high seas pass you by spinning the reels. There is also some of course in the free spins feature at least when you get to trigger the feature round. In the game, you'll find the same symbols in the same game as you can. The same symbols on that you will score: the scatter on the free spins icon are also the game icon, which you cannot activate without free spins. If you have free spins on the scatter your free spins, these symbols will double bonus combinations. The scatter symbol and the bonus icon is also symbols, as well-as in case of course or at least the wild symbols appears.

Dragon's Pearl Slot for Free

Software Amatic
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