Fruit Salad

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Fruit salad and a single bar, a fruit salad, oranges, lemons and cherries. All winning combinations consist of 3 icons, and pay from left to right. The largest reward that you can get is a whopping 10,000 credits for a triple wild combination of three sevens, for example. The bell symbol pays 1,000 credits, icon awards 75 pays 100 spins, while the rest paper newspaper pays are worth 300 wins for 5 of course symbols. You might even get extra wins from reel spins and hitting the special symbols in the scatter. The bonus game has never two bonus rounds, but three-reelers in one of the slot games are worth one of the same. If you are only interested in slots and want to play slot game with just like no money, you can now.

Fruit Salad Slot for Free

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