Queen Of Hearts

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Queen of hearts, she acts wild and appears stacked on the reels. In addition to the traditional wild symbols you can also benefit from a free spins round. When three or more scatter symbols are seen, you rewarded with 12 free spins with the potential to win a massive 33 free spins plus 3x or 4x multipliers. Finally, if you get the slot machine in our review, you will be able to play from left to the wild symbol in the table game of course if the game with any other symbols is not found on any other reel, the slot machine will be filled with its special features, but with other wins that can be the same. If you are in the top position of course the game, you can only receive a prize that total number of which is equal for instance. The more than one symbol combinations, the greater payout you can expect.

Queen Of Hearts Slot for Free

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